Rushed Italian

Rushed Italian SaladIMG_2157

Prep time: 10 minutes
Calories: 250ish
Healthy (+): The salad mix is mostly just water.
Healthy (-): Go easy on the dressing.
Cost: $10
Delicious scale: three and a half

The Rushed Italian salad is the perfect salad for the health conscious individual with the flexibility to leave the kitchen a disaster for a few more hours. Packed full of root vegetables, it’s sure to give you the energy you need to sprint off to that meeting you’re already 10 minutes late for.

How did I make it?


– One bag of mixed salad. This one had iceberg lettuce and julienne Japanese radish. If I’m being honest, it was mostly radish.
– 3/4 of a fat carrot.
– One whole, skinny cucumber.
– Five cherry tomatoes.
– Italian dressing.



1) Start this salad off by being late for work. While hastily closing the lid on the raw ingredients you’ll need to put it together later, flip the container over and throw tomatoes across the room.
2) Curse. Curse a lot, and rewash your tomatoes.
3) When you finally make it to work, dump the bag of salad things into the bowl.
4) Cut the cucumber in your hand with a butter knife because you can find neither a cutting board nor a cutting knife.
5) Cut the carrot as quietly as you can because there’s a meeting going on in the lunchroom. Do this on the cutting board you just found,  but with the same butter knife.
6) Add cucumber, tomato and carrot to salad.
7) Add Italian dressing.
8) Awkwardly leave the lunch room. Try not to make eye contact.

For being made in a hyper rush, it was a pretty good salad. I definitely added too much dressing though, which made it too spicy/salty. The cucumber and the carrots go very nicely with the Italian dressing, and the radish adds a nice water balance. It needs meat, though. Everything needs meat.

How you’re supposed to make it.



2 thoughts on “Rushed Italian

  1. Everyone in that meeting was asking what you were making. I think that’s why one of them gave us a giant bag of mustard greens. 😛


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