The Leftover

The Leftover SaladIMG_2160

Prep-time: 5 minutes
Calories: Less than lots
Healthy (+): Veggies galore!
Healthy (-): Cheese, tortilla chips, sodium
Cost: about $0
Feeds: 4 people at sensible portions. 2 ravenously hungry women.
Delicious scale:4 stars

I don’t know why cooking for two is so damn hard. Cooking for one is relatively easy, if your eyes aren’t monstrously bigger than your stomach. Cooking for three or more also isn’t all that difficult because odds are someone in the group is going to eat like a mouse while someone else has bottomless stomach/high metabolism so that any extra food is pretty much guaranteed to be licked out of the bowl. But for some reason, cooking for two always results in either not enough food, or too much food, so someone has to wake up extra early so that they can make off with the leftovers like some sort of midnight snack elf. Fortunately the partner made herself pasta for lunch today, and even if she hadn’t, she was significantly put off by the onions in the taco salad to stay far, far away from it. The point is, I had left over green stuff today. No more beef though. Beef doesn’t tend to be a leftover in Japan.

How I made it:


– One bowl of leftover green things.
– 1/4 bag of shredded mozzarella cheese.
– Remains of corn chip crumbs.
– The smears remaining at the bottom of a thousand island dressing bottle.


1) Scoop out leftover green things into salad bowl.
2) Sprinkle on cheese.
3) Sprinkle on chip crumbs.
4) Shake out last few pitiful drops of dressing onto salad.
5) Eat super easy salad.

Quick, easy, no cost. What’s not to love about this salad? Honestly, I don’t know why I can’t have leftover salad every night.


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