The Laziest Fruit Salad

The Laziest Fruit Salad, EverIMG_2175

Prep-time: 5 minutes (including the walk)
Calories: It’s fruit, so I’m pretty sure calories don’t matter.
Healthy (+): Loads of citrus means loads of cold fighting Vitamin C
Healthy (-): Pineapple makes my tongue burn.
Cost: about $4
Feeds: one person, though it comes with two forks, so I guess two people who don’t mind sharing.
Delicious scale:4 stars

I had a bit of a rough weekend battling with a cold virus, and as tends to happen when germs lay a person down, the work started to pile up. So, while I’ve been sticking to my salad a day diet, I haven’t really had the time to blog about it. UNTIL NOW. I have a bit of a salad back-log going though, so let’s start with something easy.


– pineapple
– pink grapefruit
– navel orange
– kiwi


1) Walk to supermarket and buy a fruit salad.
2) Put salad in bowl.
3) Pretend you actually made the salad yourself.

Honestly, I didn’t even walk down to the store. The partner was good enough to brave the elements for me and pick me up a vitamin C injection. It seems to have worked. The cold is mostly just hanging on by a few sticky threads in my lungs, but other than that I’m feeling most of my energy returned to me and none of the aches and fever I had on Saturday. I chalk up the speedy recovery to the addition of a salad a day into my diet. It really works people!


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