Bonus Salad: Yoshinoya’s ‘Green’ Salad

I like salad. You like salad, presumably, otherwise why the heck are you here?! This is for all the rabbits of the internet. Anyway, as much as I like salad and enjoy making them and eating them, this every day salad blogging thing is taxing, especially since I have three other blogs I have to tend to, plus reviewing, writing, working and sleeping, somewhere in there as well. That said, I think I’m going to make this blog a once a week thing, and since I tend to have a lot of free time on Tuesdays, why not set Tuesday as salad blogging day. This also means that I’ll never run out of salads to blog about, since I’m still making myself a salad a day. It’s a win-win for me. Not so much for you if you’re looking for daily salad recipes. I’m sorry, bunnies.

So, to kick off this new change, I’m going to continue with my current series, “Salads I ate when I was too sick to make my own salad.” Fortunately, Japan being a health conscious country (read: if it looks like our ankles can support our body weight, we’re eating too much) there is always some sort of side salad option to have at any restaurant you go to. This shouldn’t be mistaken for vegetarian or vegan options, though. These aren’t meals, really, and finding vegetarian or vegan foods in Japan is really difficult, as the Partner and I have discovered while trying to accommodate vegan friends. Meat might be expensive as hell over here, but it’s an integral part of every meal.

But I digress. The point is, even when we eat out, I can get me a salad, and on the days when I’m dripping like a faucet and too feverish to tell the difference between chopping a carrot and chopping my finger, going out is probably the better alternative. Plus I get to share my germs with the world. It’s all about sharing, folks.

On this day we went to Yoshinoya, which I know exists outside of Japan, but for anyone who has never eaten at one, Yoshinoya is a donburi restaurant, which is basically meat on rice and it’s amazing. The meat is generally either beef or pork, but it can also be chicken with egg, salmon or barbequed eel. I’m sure there are more options than this as well, but this is what we find (read: are willing to eat) at Yoshinoya.

But onwards to the salad. This beautiful salad you see here is the reason why these sides can IMG_2172never be mistaken for an actual meal. Most of the salads you will find in Japan are just shredded cabbages with hints of something else in them. Sometimes carrots, mostly corn, and if you’re really lucky, a couple paper thing slices of cucumber. If the restaurant is feeling particularly classy, it will cover the cabbage in a few leaves of lettuce to give you the impression that you’re eating something more satisfying. You can see here that this salad in particular is just cabbage with some corn. Dousing it in goma dressing is actually what gives it any appeal at all, but for a salad, I suppose it’s filling. The real delight, though, was the giant bowl of barbequed pork on rice, swimming in green onions. Sometimes, there’s just no substitute for a helping of meat.


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